Seeking Fiddle Player

We are an original Americana/Indie Rock band from south of the twin cities (Northfield, MN). We have just recently released "The Unreal Deal" in 2020/2021 and are working with national promotion to release to AAA and Americana Radio stations. Through COVID-19 we had some member changes and players who had other things in life happen so we are currently seeking a new fiddle player for our project. You can check out the music on the homepage of the website.

Currently we are going to start to book opening or split night shows with other bands. We are NOT setting out to play 3 hours of cover music. The pay for original music is not good so if you are looking for money this is not a productive place for you. We will play up to a 2 hour show with a blend of covers and originals. Originals to be primary focus. 

We would like to rehearse bi-weekly if possible and that would be at our rehearsal space in Northfield, MN. We are only 45 minutes south of Minneapolis/St. Paul. It is an easy drive. 

Rehearsals are about getting the band to blend in the songs and personalities. Practice at home and come to rehearsal ready to rehearse.  

Contact: or fill out the form on the homepage.